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New and Featured Book

I Have Questioned God...

A collection of essays on comparative 

Judeo-Christian-Islamic theologies 

with selected poems

Rickey K Hood

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I Have Questioned God...

Before the revelation came to Mohammad, the Prophet of Islam, the people of Arabia had no prophetic messengers given to them. They were historically known to be Ishmaelites (the decedents of Ishmael, the oldest son of Abraham) and that Allah (the Arabic word for God) was the same God of the Jews and Christians. By the Prophet’s time however, Ishmael’s decedents had forgotten the theology of the oneness of God and had fallen into the religion of paganism and the belief in a pantheon of gods...

Life's Chain

by poet and educator 

Ronnie E. Hood

Life's Chain is a collection of poems written by my brother Ronnie E. Hood. He was an Educator, Church Deacon, and poet. This is his first collection of poetry ever to be published. I hope you read and enjoy my brother’s written spirit and see what a joy he was. He will be missed.

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“We all live in a spider’s web!

We’re always getting caught up in


from Life's Chain


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TAKE MY HAND, WALK WITH ME is a collection of new and selected poems spanning from the years of 1995 to 2018. This book is a collection of poems taken from previous smaller chapbooks: In a little corner of a black man’s mind stand I…, Tempest, A heart’s song sung to a friend, and my first major work, In Due Season. The collection of new poems are found in the section

Take my hand, walk with me.



1995 TO 2018

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(From: Take my hand, walk with me)

I Heard God Laughing (page 145)

While sitting in the park

I heard the laughter of children

Loud and wonderful

Pouring down as rain on budding leaves

And it was then I understood

That it was God I heard laughing.

The soft still voice of the wind

Broke forth in a belly shaking laugh

Filling the air with a pure unconditional joy

A good belly laugh not filled with wrath,

Vengeance, punishments or judgments

I was surprised to hear that it was

Not a “look at man’s foolishness” laugh

Or, God is laughing at us, laugh

But instead, God is laughing with us

Enjoying the joy of the day

Now I can hear the happiness of God

Whose laughter rains down on us

Through the joy of children


In Due Season:

A Collection of Poetry and Prose 

In Due Season is a collection of poetry and prose that reflect the life experience of a man that has struggled and made peace with his faith, sexual orientation, and loss of loved ones. I speak the truth on death and the passing of family and friends. This work is a holistic view of life; the bad, the 

good and the lovely. I hope you enjoy.

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(From: In Due Season)

Face of God (page 72)

Man peers out in the void seeking marvels

beyond comprehension

Of time, space, and energy that is the universe

Of galaxies born and destroyed

Man’s technology lands on neighboring worlds

As voyager glides from out of our solar system, taking snap

Shots of the blue star called Earth

His vision moves into the universe to find the face of God

And in all of his seeking, he has only found more to seek

More incomprehensible marvels to comprehend

Not knowing the knowledge that man understands

Is only a grain of sand on the beach

A drop of water in the ocean

And God laughs

At the arrogance of man, and says,

“Wait till he sees me”

And on that day

man shall see the face of God

Not as Michael Angelo’s old man on a throne

But as the true reality

Made manifest… Everywhere



A 31 day devotional of reflections praises in poetry 

from an Islamic perspective

SUBMISSIONS is a 31-day devotional consisting of reflections, praises in poems from an Islamic perspective. Take the time out in your day to read a page and think how you can improve on your relationship with yourself and your fellow man. To express your love for God is to show your love for mankind. Submissions is a daily reminder of that simple truth in just a few pages. Great for interfaith studied.

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From: Submissions, a 31 day Islamic devotional

#4 Faith (page 4)



"The Lord of the heavens and earth and all that is between them, if you

(but) have faith with certainty." Surah 44:7.

Faith is like the sun; there are days when one wakes up with faith brightly shining, a perfect day when nothing will seem to go wrong, but slowly and quietly clouds of life's realities begins rolling in and weaken the bright intensity of faith. The day becomes gloomy, dim and the light slowly fade. Later the wind and rain of hardships begin to pour down. Where then is the faith you begin with? Have the uncertainties of life taken it away? No, faith is there if you believe, bright and shining as ever. Faith is above the clouds, above the hardships above the storm as it rages. It rest and resides securely in the abode of the knowledge of God and His love for us.

Faith shines knowing that Allah is always there.



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